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Laptop Power Jack Repair Toronto

Loose or broken DC power jack (power connector) on your laptop's motherboard will cause the unit:

Burning smell comes from DC jack area
The broken pins of the jack were shorted and damaged some components on The motherboard.

Battery will not get charged or intermittently get charged.
The pins of the jack are still connected on the motherboard but become loose.

Dead (no power at all)
The contact pins of the jack are broken or totally disconnected from the Motherboard.

When the DC jack comes loose or is broken, the laptop will no longer receive a good solid power connection. The user will often find that the plug can be wiggled to cause the laptop to get or lose power in certain directions. A broken or loose DC jack can cause further damage to the laptop motherboard due to heat being created by the poor electrical connection on the board.

DC Jack or power DC jack is a connector, which transfers electricity from the power adapter to the laptop motherboard. This device is a small part that might be loose or is broken easily.

Repairing DC jack or laptop DC power jack is really difficult. Only skilled technicians can repair laptop dc jack. If your laptop power dc jack is loose or broken Arax IT Support high-qualified technicians can help you. We mostly replace new dc jack and connect to the motherboard. We repair laptop power DC Jack for reasonable price.

We also offer On site Laptop services or In Home Laptop services and Repairs.

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