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Why buy a new laptop when you can fix your old one for a fraction of the cost. Broken MACBook display? Popping in a new one is easier than you might think.
Broken LCD screens or screens with vertical lines are not fixable. If you get white screen with no image from the LCD screen, but when you connect the laptop with an external monitor via VGA port on the laptop and get normal image, this problem usually come from the circuit board on the LCD panel which is also not repairable.

Has your laptop screen broken or naturally died? Installation of LCD or LED screen whether it's 13, 17 or 15 inch MacBook / MacBook Pro (black or white) or PC laptop screen (any size), we can fix it. We deal with all brands like HP, Acer, Ibm ThinkPad, Lenovo, Toshiba, Gateway, Dell, Apple's MacBook, Compaq, Fujitu, Emachines, MDG and more.

We have all common LCD screens in stock, 8.9"LED, 10.1"LED, 11.6"LED, 12.1", 12.1"LED, 13.3", 13.3LED, 14", 14.0"LED, 14.1", 15.4", 15.4"LED, 15.6", 15.6"LED, 16", 17", 17.3"LED, 18.4"... For most common laptops, it will just take 30 minutes to get the screens replaced.

We only use genuine authentic OEM parts to fix your laptop.

Dim display is common problem from CCFL backlight LCD panels. We can offer very fast turnaround time for dim screen repair because we have all common inverter boards and CCFL lamps in stock. If your screen has LED backlight, you don't need to worry about dim display because there is no inverter and lamp inside the screen. Only the motherboard or screen itself will cause dim display on LED backlight panels.

We also offer On site Laptop services or In Home Laptop services and Repairs.

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